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The combined technical wealth and equipment of the four Estellaprint factories caters for any production requirement of the book publishing industry.

What Estellaprint offers you

  • A financially solid organisation: at this time of great commercial pressure in our industry, Estellaprint enjoys an enviable financial stability thanks to the backing of a parent company with a long and proven commercial record.
  • Capacity and technology: with five units dedicated to book production, Estellaprint offers the widest range of equipment to satisfy all needs of the book publishing industry. The combined output of our highly mechanised plants makes us one of the largest book manufacturers in Europe.
  • Reliability, Flexibility and Speed: no technology or process is exclusive to one factory, but it is present in at least two of our factories, thus offering always a backup in case of equipment failure. Our workforce is organised in variable multiple shift in order to best respond to seasonal demand. We operate with the latest workflow and shop floor management systems thus offering the shortest possible production times together with maximum scheduling reliability.
  • Versatility in processes and products, aiming at providing the most efficient production solutions, having at our disposal both web and sheet-fed litho technology in several sizes and configurations, complemented by a vast range of finishing and binding equipment.
  • Customer service and communications: during production our customers can rely on our skilled and proactive account managers for all their requirements through fast and reliable communications. Our sales personnel are always available to provide you with estimates, discuss prices and offer advice for the most cost effective solutions.

Processes and equipment


  • Kodak Prinergy Connect work flows
  • 3 Computer to Plate
  • 2 colour proof systems
  • Web-based system for page approval


Flat sheet printing

  • One 8-colour 1200x1600 sheet fed press
  • Five 4-colour 1200x1600 sheet fed press (one 2/2)
  • Three 5-colour 720x1050 sheet fed press and varnish
  • One 4-colour or 2/2 720x1020 sheet fed press
  • One 1/1 or 2/0 720x1020 sheet fed press

Web printing

  • 3 Timson 1-colour web presses

Cutting – folding - sowing

  • 5 cutting lines
  • 15 folding machines
  • 5 Multiplex gathering and sewing line


  • 1 wirestitching lines
  • 4 paperback lines
  • 4 hardback lines

Case blocking

  • 5 casemakers (4 hardcover & 1 flexibinding)
  • 4 covers & cases blocking machines

Our plants

Our plants

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