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With an experience of over 40 years in the packaging sector, The Lantero Group through our Estella Packaging (Epack) division offer a wide choice of packaging solutions for the food and consumer goods industries.

What Estella Packaging offers you

  • A financially solid organisation: at this time of great commercial pressure in our industry, Epack enjoys an enviable financial stability thanks to the backing of a parent company with a long and proven commercial record.
  • Capacity and technology: Further to our Epack division, we can rely on the full logistic and technical support of Estellaprint. Furthermore, through our collaborations with Lantero’s Lecagraphics Boxes division, with its four plants in Spain and one in Morocco, we broaden our offer to corrugated board packaging solutions.
  • Commitment and focus to the packaging industry: since the addition of Epack to our portfolio in 2011, two more cardboard packaging operations have been added to our group.
  • Buying Power: our healthy financial credentials coupled with the buying power of a large group of companies, put us in the best position to negotiate effectively with our suppliers of materials. This is particularly relevant in the packaging industry where materials represent such a high proportion of the cost of the finished product.
  • Flexibility and Speed: the analogy of formats 700 x 1,000 mms and 1000 x 1,400 mms) of our printing and finishing equipment makes possible the most cost efficient engineering of the production process. We can print up to six colours and varsnish on line. Automatically produce boxes with 4 or 6 glue points, print sequential pin codes.
  • Competitive Pricing, Epack shares most of its overheads with EstellaPrint. hence out prices are not overburdened by the cost of it’s own logistic and industrial structure.
  • Customer service and communications: during production our customers can rely on our skilled and proactive account managers for all their requirements through fast and reliable communications. Our sales personnel are always available to provide you with estimates, discuss prices and offer advice for the most cost effective solutions.

Equipment and processes

Production equipment

  • Two 1000x1400 6-Colour + varnish sheet fed press
  • One 720x1050 6-colour + varnish + UV varnish sheet fed press
  • One 6-colour 74x106 printing machine +acrylic  varnish
  • 1 cutting line
  • Two 700x1000 die cutting machine
  • 3 1000x1400 die cutting machines
  • 3 carton folding lines
  • 1 saw placing line

Our plants

Our plants

  • Estella Packaging

    Printing, embossing and folding of cartons and labels for the food and consumer goods industry.

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